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  1. apogee duet: 550 phil PA-HA 6000 Mk2: 240 poppulse TAMP-1 (not ready to part with it unless other items are sold): 180 govibe martini: 60 sms 82311938, thanks.
  2. apogee duet (like new) $600 ->http://store.apple.com/us/product/TQ936Z/A?afid=p210%7Cfrgl&cid=AOS-US-SHOP-Froogle Phil 6000 headamp $300 original price 2500RMB (>500S$) -> http://www.erji.net/read.php?tid=137769&fpage=5 poppulse T-amp 70w $200 (price in audiogoN: http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cl_sold.pl...ran&1262713746) govibe marini headphone amp $100 (come with rechargable battery) No warranty, no receipt (I do not bother to keep these). Can arrange for demo to show all item works well. Selling to fund upgrade. SMS to 82311938 to arrange for deal. Items are located in Tampines. Thanks for your attention.
  3. Linux music server sounds like a good idea, sadly do not have a spare low cost machine to play with now.
  4. Just curious how many are hit by the recent recession. I lost my half year bonus, that is about it. You?
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