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  1. Selling this as I've upgrade my system. This is a 7.1 wireless headphone. Comes with original box, cables etc. Throw in a foc headphone stand. Item in working condition. No warranty. Cash and Carry @ Bt Panjang.
  2. My current earpads are in a very sorry state and need replacement. Can I get this locally or source it from overseas?
  3. Need some recommendations from seasoned tubes users on tubes rolling. Which tubes can give you a warm and mellow sound with good mid and high. Bass is strong but not very punchy.
  4. This is going to be my Compass partner ... I've replaced the stock power cable with a XLO/PRO PL1500 cable with anti-shock net wrapping with Oyaide C-046e conductor and a MK 13A (hospital grade) plug. The RCA cable is a StreetWires ZeroNoise9. The wooden box on the left contains some spare tubes like RFT 6H8C / 6SN7, NEC 6080 and Sylvana 6080. Can't wait to give this baby a spin ...
  5. This Compass is built like a tank. The workmanship is first class with good soldering skill. So far, can't really get much from the Compass yet. Only 8 hrs of cooking. Initial experience was a very detail sound. I can hear instruments which are missing when the same music is playing thru my iBasso D2. Bass is not that solid yet. The mid and high are crisp and clear.
  6. This one is from Austria and comes with a serial number. The K702 with my iBasso D2 Viper (rolled) and AMB Mini3. Testing this headphone with the iBasso and later tje Mini3. I don't expect stella sound from this headphone at this stage. Hopefully by the time my Compass arrives, I can have a better sound.
  7. Hi guys Happy New Year to our Chinese forumers. Need some inputs on using PC software when playing songs. I've a new purchased iBasso D2 Viper and a Sennheiser R130 wireless headphone. When I use MediaMonkey or JetAudio for my songs, there's no sound coming from the headphone. Using iTunes as the player, I have music in my ears. My OS is a Vista 64 bit. Comments appreciated ... HUAT AH!
  8. Also got one from Stereo. This is a opamps rolling version. Probably going to roll this babe using a Predator-clone kit - about US$35 inclusive of shipping.
  9. Greetings. New member here. Looks like I can learn many things here. Have been out-of-touch on audio stuff very long time.
  10. **MOD DELETE** Please read the rules before posting WTS.
  11. Was at Stereo this morning looking for a DAC or something like that. Me being a out-of-touch audiophile approached one nice gentleman (Cyrus is the name) and seek for assistance. He recommended the iBasso series. I took audition on a Boa D2 and Viper D2. Also he let me tested a few headphones in the various price range. To cut it short, I went home with a Viper D2, a iPOD leather case and a connector for the iPOD a very happy man Good service Stereo and keep it up ..
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