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    Creative SX-FI

    That's what I expect for most of these apps. I got a 512 gb iphone so I store all my music as WAV on the phone (and my ipad), and that works for most listening and testing with my budget DACs.
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    Creative SX-FI

    $150 USD at this link: https://us.sxfi.com/products/sxfi-amp I wonder if the sound shaping DSP is always on, full strength, or can it be turned down to a mnimum?
  3. Here's my review of the newly price-reduced Beats Disney special edition headphone .... I like it for several reasons, and I recommend it if you don't mind the value equation. http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/beats-solo3-special-disney-edition-bluetooth-headphone-review.4541/
  4. Here is a nifty accessory for users of Apple Lightning devices. I found this DAC-cable good for situations away from home or with Bluetooth headphones, whenever I would have time to sit and relax in a relatively quiet place and get some high-res listening in. http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/v-moda-speakeasy-lightning-dac-cable-review.4537/
  5. I got another of these Lightning DAC cables, this time in grey instead of black, and I decided to make a second video to fill in a few blanks from the first one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohMrlJosTJ8
  6. I had the Carbon Marsala edition in 2015, and I've had the urge to get this one ever since (same headphone but different colors), and now that they're discounted to less than half price, it was a no-brainer. One caveat - this was made for fashion, less for sound, although the sound does equalize very well. http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/pryma-by-sonus-faber-2019-stereo-headphone-review.4540/
  7. Re-posting -- original link was broken: http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/v-moda-speakeasy-lightning-dac-cable-for-ios-devices.4539/
  8. This is a quickie review of the v-moda M80, a headphone I owned a few of circa 2011-2014 in its several incarnations (V80, M80, XS). The V80 was the True Blood(c) branded edition, the M80 was the same thing in shadow, matte black, and white, and the XS added the CliqFold mechanism as well as the form-fitting "Mind The Gap" headband design. All of these that I had sounded about the same, which isn't surprising since the earcups and drivers were the same. The drivers were (as best I remember) a dual-diaphragm design, which not only provided a strong deep bass, but really good bass detail as well. Using my "new" M80 (original 2014 packaging unopened), I note that the clamping force is very light - lighter than most on-ear headphones. The headband was easy to bend permanently so that the earcups sit flush on my ears. In cold environments, the pleather earpads don't immediately seal well due to the light clamp, but after a minute when they warm up on the head, they're good to go. This is not a wireless headphone obviously, but given how I use headphones and the options I have available, I consider this M80 just as viable for walkabout use. The single-side cable is detachable, easy to drop into a pocket, the headphone can be worn around the neck all day with no bother, and for better sound I use the v-moda Lightning DAC cable with my Apple i-devices in lieu of the standard cable. Here's the EQ curve I made in 2014, using just the Q=1 bandwidth defaults of the parametric equalizer. Although I boosted the low bass by 6 db then, I find that a 3 db boost at 33 hz is more than enough with this current M80. I wouldn't suggest this headphone for 32-ft (16.35 hz) organ pipe reproduction, but for any EDM and other bass-centric genres it plays extremely well. The original Innerfidelity review(s) noted the excellent sound, but with the caveat that it had a slightly "constricted" aspect to it. My EQ fixed that, and in my opinion the result is a smooth, detailed hi-fi sound. http://dalethorn.com/Photos/Audioforge/Vmoda_M80.jpg When all is said and done, snagging this M80 at half or less of the original price, I got the same v-moda build quality and sound, and the at-home use with various DACs is pure sonic pleasure. HERE is the new video review: http://youtu.be/ZTXTl8CQ4mE
  9. I just purchased the AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon at a closeout price of $299 USD in the U.S. The original price here was $699 USD, so the new closeout price is 3/7 of the original. The packaging was new with the NH Carbon, and so well packaged that it would survive severe moisture and humidity for 100 years or so. The sound is the same as the original NH, i.e. dull and cavernous due to the combination of lower-mids emphasis and mid-treble recess. Fortunately, when EQ'd properly the NH sounds marvelous. http://dalethorn.com/Photos/Audioforge/Audioquest_Nighthawk.jpg (Note: EQ curve is the inverse of a freq. response curve) About a year ago I also purchased the NightOwl Carbon, hoping for a better sound, but it was even worse than the NH. I really have to wonder, given the massive promotion by AudioQuest for these headphones and their designer (Skylar-somebody), whether anyone with an appreciation for high fidelity reproduction actually listened to these designs and signed off on them. I have my doubts.
  10. New video of the NightHawk Carbon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH_ChO_U5ZU
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    Happy New Year 2019!

    Your wish is my command!
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    Happy New Year 2019!

    Here's an interesting example: This forum: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/12-portable-audio-headphones-and-desktop-audio/ is a very active forum, but the Lightning cable I mentioned got only 60 views there, but it got 177 views here. So I think people find SGHeadphones to be a good reference site for some things.
  13. dalethorn

    Happy New Year 2019!

    I check the view counts of things I posted, and they seem to do very well in spite of the lack of comments. I have 2 Bluetooth headphones and I use the v-moda Lightning cable / DAC with those at home, and those are enjoyable.
  14. This is a bit different from the original review, addressing 4 common questions and testing with EDM music tracks. http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/grado-gw-100-wireless-headphone-followup-review.4534/
  15. Here's a fun album to test your Grado headphones with. Warning though -- very heavy bass. I got this tip from someone who experienced a real problem with their Grado GW100 - mine played the album nice and clean, but it's definitely a driver stresser. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bass-Mekanik-Presents-Bassotronics-Activated/dp/B00772K1I0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1543862464&sr=8-1&keywords=bassotronics
  16. Last night the 4th charge for my GW100 ran out - 4 full charges (3 plus the original factory charge) powered me for 58 days, or about 2 weeks per charge. I'd guess I'm getting about 22-23 hours per charge at a little less than maximum volume. I let it run all the way down each time, since I carry the backup cord.
  17. This is my followup review of the Grado GH3, with new video and text and new music tracks. The music track listings are from the same template I used for the Grado GW100, and as it turned out I made only one change - to the Fairmont-Poble Sec track, where the GH3 bass was obviously not as strong as the GW100 bass. http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/grado-gh3-heritage-edition-headphone-followup-review-new-info.4536/
  18. Two items today: One, I leaned over the railing at my local pier today and watched one of my GW100 earpads tumble into the ocean. I've temporarily lost a GW100 earpad a few times already, but this time it was permanent. Fortunately I had a backup set on hand. They do fall off very easily. The other item concerns my quandary regarding the benefits of a closed back design for portable and outdoor use, versus the sonic advantages of an open back design, albeit I have to find a low-noise place to enjoy those sonic advantages. I took one day away from the GW100 to use a good closed-back headphone for walkabouts, and went right back to the GW100. It seems to me that I never would have gotten to this point of preferring an open-back portable headphone, if I hadn't talked myself into going against instinct and giving it a 6-week tryout first. The trick is finding those low--noise listening places, if it's even possible for a lot of people.
  19. Today, 13 November marks 42 days since I received my Grado GW-100 headphone. The third charge has finally been depleted (original factory charge plus two charges by me), so it appears I'm getting about 14 days per charge, using it in Bluetooth mode at least 2 hours per day. I remember something in the specification about volume levels affecting battery life, and since my usage is walking around in relatively noisy areas with light street traffic, my volume levels are about 5-6 db above where I listen at home. My home headphone use is at "audiophile volume levels", or just enough to hear very small details without blasting my ears on the loud parts.
  20. Here's my comprehensive review of the new Grado GH3 in the Heritage Series. It's neutral, it's spacious, it's made for music, and nearly as light as a feather: http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/grado-gh3-heritage-series-stereo-headphone-review.4535/
  21. The great Steve Guttenberg has opined on the GW100, saying that it's OK but not quite like a real Grado (quote approximate). The user comments are interesting, and I answered a few: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QdQpQ9N1-s
  22. My two reviews of the Grado wireless have run their course now, and today I watched this 20-minute video by someone I hadn't heard of before. 20 minutes is a pretty long watch, but this guy's presentation is good enough to make it worthwhile for anyone interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSvXJY4m0mI
  23. A new question about the GW100's replacement earpads came up on a large headphone forum, and I thought the answer given was for the wrong earpads, so since these earpads are easy to lose when they fall off unexpectedly, I thought it would be good to post the correct replacements here and elsewhere. Replacing any headphone's stock earpads with a different design is likely to make a major change in the sound, and the change is more likely to be negative than otherwise. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1434308-REG/grado_w_cush_replacement_foam_ear.html/?c3api=3679%2Cbing%2C81638766845622%2C4585238367528178&msclkid=790f7bcdba9d16cccb6a200730f9f6df
  24. I added a new video to address additional questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV15LIX47Jc&t=328s
  25. I came across this interesting review on the 'MajorHiFi' site, and thought it would be worth highlighting here, because of the unique design of the GW100 as an open-back wireless headphone. Here are a few excerpts and a link: "As an open-back wireless headphone, this model has almost no competitors." "Compared to models from Audio Technica, Sony, Sennheiser, Marshall, Bowers and Wilkins, and Bose, nothing at this price point can even compete with the GW100 in terms of sheer sound quality." "For those seeking isolation, choose any of the above and enjoy what you can. For the rest of ya, this Grado is everything you could want in a headphone." http://majorhifi.com/grado-gw100-review/