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  1. Hope you did not confuse the TMA-1 with the TMA-1 Studio, totally different animals
  2. toying with something new, really comfy AiAiAi TMA-1 Studio's Intro Video
  3. Actually the K550 sounded pretty decent driven straight out of the iPhone, just not enough volume, for me at least
  4. Seems like very few portable headphiles over here
  5. Had a chance to audit it during a headphiles gathering last Sunday in Kuala Lumpur. Basically, for a pair of closed headphones, the K550 is really nice and neutral. Sad to say, the K550 in particular was subjected to some childish bashing over at HWZ : AKG Headphones Users
  6. Currently using either the FiiO E17/E9K combo or the FiiO E10/Bravo Ocean combo depending on the mood then
  7. Find the HD800 a little musical. Q701 is very precise. SRH1840 is a compromise between the HD800 and the Q701. However, if you are wearing it for extended hours, still prefer the Q701.
  8. Saw something similar about a year back by a Korean manufacturer, can't recall the name
  9. Yes Just want to have a feel to the general perception to this fashion headphones thing as well as the reaction from different forums. On one, the response was a cheerful discussion on another was really hostile Here is quite muted
  10. Utility means only the sound and function matters, not looks By the way, nice gears you have
  11. Do you see headphones as part of your fashion statement or just plain utility
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