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  1. As far as I know you get warranty on all products you buy, even Amazon, thought I don't know how to go about using it.
  2. I also agree with cirdec, the Sennheisers are good in general, don't have specific experience with RS 120 but I'd believe him. You can always check some reviews on pcmag or headphonesaddict to see what other people are buying and saying about certain models. I also don't see any problem ordering from Amazon, I ordered many times and never had any problems, just make sure you buy the right model for where you live. So If you're from Europe you need different plugs than if you're from USA.
  3. No not using them myself. I understand a lot of people use them as a fashion accessory but I care about the sound more. I think you can get better sounding headphones for the same price, though I've never owned Beats myself, only tested them.
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