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    Grado GS1000, RS-1, SR225-woody, HF-1,MS-Pro, Sony MDR-3000D, MDR-V7, MDR-D77 Eggos, ATH-W5000, AKG-K340, Senn HD 560II, HD650+Mobius(balance) IEM - Ety ER 4P, Shure E1 & E5c, Voicetronic VT-07
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    Earmax AE, Grado RA-1, MicroZolt , MF X-Can V2 + X-PSU, Naim Headline (mod), Porta Corda (I and II), RS Hornet, PS-GCHA, G&W T2.6 F, PS Audio GCHA
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    Sony D-335, Sony D-515, Philips DVD963SA, MF X-Ray, EMC1(24/192), Jungson Magic Boat(SACD), Cyrus CD7 Marantz SA-11S1
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    Benchmarks DAC1, Bel Canto DAC3,MF X-10D, X-feed, Muse model 2 DAC, PC - JPS GPA2, Zu Bok, IC - Zu Gede, Zu Warmount, TMC yellow and white label, Cardas Golden Refs,Black mountain Pinnacle Gold ICs and DIY Gold alloy ICs
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    MicroZolt/Earmax AE + EMC1(24/192) + Grado RS-1/MS Pro G&W T2.6F (ECC85s) + X-ray + HD650 Cyrus CD7 + PS Audio GCHA + GS1K
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    Team Grado

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  1. Barradio

    is tomahawk really the holy grail for portable iems?

    You can check with Jaben Network in Singapore
  2. Barradio


    Only "F1" defect as show in the pics,place my order on 18 May (Order #5647)
  3. Barradio


    HF-2 #127 is in today WOW! [attachmentid=4156]
  4. Barradio

    Sennheiser HD800

    Now temporally MF X-ray CD player - Bel Canto DAC3 - PS Audio GCHA.
  5. Barradio

    Sennheiser HD800

    May be later balance cable from other. So far the original supply cable are good.
  6. Barradio

    Sennheiser HD800

    Oops $2199 yes
  7. Barradio

    Sennheiser HD800

    Most genre HD800 can takes. S$21199 price for HD800. My HD800 S/N00912
  8. Barradio

    Sennheiser HD800

    Here is my quick impression rating 9 after the audition of the HD800 this evening. The headphone have only two day brun=in which mean demo time 2 days so whose people going on the later date the SQ will be better. I will say that so far it the best SQ dynamic headphone from Sennheiser very much better than the HD 600 and the HD 650. Goody bag have a HD800 brochure and a special cut audio CD from Stockfish. Equipment used in the audition at the place are Lehmman audio Black Cube Linear headphone amplifier and T & A SACD player also most of their CDs are from Stockfish. Finally please bring your own CD for the audition, 1/2 hr is short as you will be entertain with a short video of the HD 800.
  9. Barradio

    Sennheiser HD800

    Yes HD800 is available for purchase at the launch that reply from them. My slot is 3 june in the evening anyone else same as me.
  10. Barradio

    Happy Birthday Rameish

    Happy Birthday!
  11. Barradio

    What are you listening to NOW!

    Blue Man Group - Audio
  12. Barradio

    Grado Flat Pads

    With the Flat pads will have more bass impact and it will reduce most micro detail on the high. If you like more bass the flat pads is perfect.
  13. Barradio

    Happy Birthday Rameish

    Happy BirthDay! Rameish.
  14. Barradio

    What are you listening to NOW!

    One of Mr. Q's classics.