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Shure or Ultimate Ears or otehr brand? (help!)

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Hey guys, im not good at picking earphones. or well in this case in ear monitors.


now days i tend to be very picky about my sound although i do not require super high end sound, but high end is what i want.


Should i get Shure or Ultimate ears? or is there some other brand that i should look into? (other than myklar, i don't know i just dion't trustP)


So if i get the Sure, i will get the SCL2 (which i heard is essentially the E2C) at $169


And if i get the Ultimate ears, its the super.fi 3 Studio one. at $169


Are these good choices for a $180 budget?


Are the above prices good for those in ear monitotrs or can i get better deals?


Should i reselect my in ear monitor choices?


Also how do these compare to a senheisser PX100? Are they better, and if so by how much? cause if not i will just stick with the PX 100s though they are very bulky....


so ULTIMATELY, okay how does the sound quality of the Ultimate Ears SuperFi3 compare to the Shuer E2C?


and how do these 2 both compare to a PX 100?


All help is appreciated to answer all questions, as i hope to get a pair soon?


Thanks guys!

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What your asking is somewhat like asking if Edam cheese tastes better then Brie. Maybe you don't like cheese at all! :)) It's completely up to you to decide if you like one or the other (or both). Go to SE or Jaben, take your time and try all the types with your own setup. UE and Shure both have a distinct personality and sound signature so even if I tell you I like Shures doesn't mean that they are "better". Even price differences don't guarantee quality difference.

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Just got a Mylar X3 today, found them pretty decent for the cost. Tried the XB and found them a tad to bassy so chose the X3 instead. Now running them in and i'm quite sure they will sound better after a few days. Anyway my last IEMs was the Shure E3C.


Now hoping to get the UE 10 Pro or the Westone UM 2 next month, still pondering which 1 to go for ?



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Guest dragonboy

I had tried both... but prefer the 10pro to UM-2.... 10pro much more lively and bass control better than um-2. You need to try both especially the 10pro coz my friend had problems fitting the 10pro in his ears, definitely not the most comfortable earphones available.

He bought the UM-2 instead. :party:

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