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  1. Selling Oriolus v2 hybrid IEM (4 Drivers, 1 Dynamic Driver + 3 BA) with gen 1 copper cable. Set is working fine. Set is from China hence no warranty. Asking for $old. No low ballers. Leave a PM if interested. http://www.headfonia...s-togo-perfect/ Included -Box -Metal Case -Gen 1 copper cable -A packet of tips -IEM
  2. I'm selling a Lotoo Paw Gold. It's an excellent sounding audio player. http://www.head-fi.org/products/lotoo-paw-gold/reviews/12288 Looking at about 1.6k.
  3. I'm selling a month old Hifiman HM-901s. It was exchanged from HM-901 to HM-901s through Hifiman China. Included with the player and battery shall be the following. -S/P DIF input/RCA Line out cable -Charger -Standard amp card -Balanced amp card Looking for about 1.5k neg. I also have 2 more amp cards for sale separately. -Official discrete card -Unofficial (DIY) discrete card Please quote if interested.
  4. Selling my MrSpeakers Alpha Dog. Comes with the box, headstand, filters and stock XLR balanced cable. Very comfortable headphones. Looking for $old. I also have the Norne Vanquish XLR balanced cable for the Alpha Dog for an additional $old Also up for sale is a Shure SE846 with complete box set. $old Pono Player Eagles Kickstarter Edition numbered #21 of 275. $old Leave me a PM if interested. Thanks
  5. Looking to sell my Pono Player Eagles Edition #21 of 275 Tested to be working fine but didn't like signature hence selling. Please quote if interested. Thanks
  6. Want to sell the following. 1) iBasso DX90 comes with full box set and 2 original Samsung batteries (Japan and Korea cells) - $old Condition: 9/10 (Just dusty but no marks. Ports are covered so no dust is inside. Set was bought in May from Treoo) 2) Westone 4R (No box) - $old Condition: 7/10 (Set is 3 years old but there are no issues with them) I can deal around Paya Lebar and Serangoon MRT. Other places are subject to availability. Please leave me a PM if you're interested.
  7. Yes they might also have the pads since they sell Grado though I don't know which place would be cheaper. The 414 would be cheapest I bet.
  8. You can try either Jaben or Stereo Electronics.
  9. While it's true that it's legally binding, usually people do not sue over such a small sum for which the costs of fighting is not worth. If you want to take that advise, it's at your own discretion. From experience a lot of things happen under the table. As with the army. the rule about do but don't get caught. So I leave you to decide how you want to take that.
  10. Yes, this can be the cause as with the Creative Megaworks 550.
  11. From what I understand, a true line out can have loud volumes ie high voltage. It depends on the DAC. Though it may be loud, it may not be able to provide the current draw required by headphones or earphones because it's not supposed to be going through some buffer or amplifier. It's meant to be the input to a high impedence amplifier. As I understand of the ipod, it's not a true line out. If you want a true line out on the ipod, you will have to send it for the iMod by Red Wine Audio. http://www.redwineaudio.com/iMod.html
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