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  1. DIYed by me. I don't have time to listen to my tube amp anymore. Rather than letting it sit there, I'm selling it. Not selling at ridiculous price. Just selling for what I built it for. 400SGD, stock build. Casework is already done. Custom industrial strength transformers.
  2. I'll attend. Equipment - AMB y1 DAC - Cavalli Audio Bijou - Sennheiser HD600 - Random ICs for above equipment
  3. sadly my b22 is gone. im using bijou now. i believe the bass is much better then the b22.
  4. hi guys. i was the one who organized with yotiao previously. it was at one of the member's condo clubhouse. so that was free. if you guys need help organizing id be glad to help out. P.S no more unboxed DIY amps anymore LOL.
  5. hey dire, you need a y1 to work with the y2. thats a pre-requisite.
  6. Hey Uncle Heady, sign me up man.
  7. ah aron. you are mistaken. the bijou is a tube amp designed by cavalli audio.
  8. i can bring gamma1 + bijou, both diyed
  9. wow! an odd update but wow! after pairing the y1 dac with the bijou... effin' amazing man!!
  10. aww... i didnt know about this meet. would have been glad to have brought the bijou and the amb y1 dac.
  11. there are THREE different group buys. 1 for the PCB and components from AMB. 1 for the enclosure. 1 for the laser cut panels (which IIRC is acrylic? i think). ok guys. just a suggestion. unless you guys are going to have one person buy all the components together and then split them. its more convenient to buy all the components yourself from farnell together with the enclosure, thats because if your order is over $30 shipping is waived. unless you wanna save $2 bucks and go through the hassle.
  12. just get from farnell. you can laser cut the panels from the guy that did the mini3 for you guys?
  13. err its stated in amb's audio shop. its 40USD per set excluding the enclosure. i got it cheap because i was in the pre-order.
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