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  1. Yup it's $3 per batt. It's 2100maAh..I bought it just last week!
  2. Heard that the Mitsubishi AZO Blue Diamond is not to shabby either, it ranks among the Taiyo Yudens. You can get it at Chamoxa, SLS 6th Floor. I think it is $13 for 25 CDs
  3. can we list down pcdps that are good? maybe when I'm on my trips or in s'pore i can keep a lookout for you guys!
  4. Yup. have all 5 of them....
  5. yup mackie's prices is simply unbeatable!
  6. btw adhoc..how much did you pay for your slimx 400? I just got the slimx 550 over the weekend @ $280 for my nephew.
  7. matbon...u can check out yahoo s'pore auctions. I think someone is selling the panasonic sl-570 but a few things are missing. http://page.auctions.shopping.yahoo.com/sg...56?aucview=0x23
  8. wat happened to yours mackie??
  9. hmmmphh....i'm sooooo jealous for not being there!!
  10. mackie's price is also unbelievable...u better hurry!
  11. if it is true, it's true....so just go on forward with your music!
  12. man these guys are just great huh....
  13. wow...imagine the discussion generated just from 2 little simple questions....
  14. lucky guys...wished i didn't have my meeting....
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