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  1. The closest to your requirement is the Denon D1100. It has everything you need except mids are recessed and is quite dark sounding. EQ might help. I had my D1100 recabled with hybrid silver and copper. Sound more balanced though mids still recessed.
  2. Hi, Need someone to make a high quality, super-short (about 5cm) mini-jack to RCA cable for me. Please contact me at 90211590 if you are keen. Cheers.
  3. Hi, looking for someone or some company to recable my ESW9 cos I'm really pissed with the standard cables that just wouldn't keep straight. Please pm me.
  4. I listened to the AD2000 and was very impressed with the sound and lightweight built.
  5. Denon AH-D1001s Musical, airy and bassy. Highs a little too extended though but bearable. A extremely worth ally to my iBasso P3 Heron !
  6. What cable to recommend for taming the highs and making the bass more taut ?
  7. I'd like to recable my D1001 as well as doing the Marl-type mod. What kind of damage am I looking at ?
  8. Any good recommendations for Mozart's Sinfonia Concertante K364 for violin and viola ? Don't know why this music leave very long lasting impression for me....
  9. Hi, Has anyone tried this IEM ? Cheers !
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