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  1. SOLD Description of Item : Ultrasone Edition 9 Condition : 7/10 (Ear pads and Cable are worn due to use but is fully functional without use issues) Warranty : nill Selling price : $1200 Preferred Location : Bradell MRT Preferred Mode of Contact : PM, SMS Contact Detail : Selling an old Ultrasone Edition 9 Complete with original Box. As with Description the ear cups and cable are worn due to use but the headphone is working without issue. I originally planned to re-cable to a better cable but actually forgot to do it for sometime. Clearing stuff again. Will add some photos later.
  2. jojo_b2

    Vinyl camp

    The nirvana looks tempting.
  3. A Lavry DA10 (not 11 as more then 2k) + a HD650 or HF2 depends on taste. =)
  4. I believe we might be able to hear the T1 if Kds5000 gets the itch.
  5. Price is fairly NEGOTIABLE. Just PM your offer. WILL ONLY SELL as BUNDLE. Please don't ask if can sell alone. =( Description of Item : Valgrind Irukandji Wooden Doc k (CABLES INCLUDED) - Valgrind Silver RCA Cables .5M Length - Valgrind Silver mini to RCS .5M Length - These are fully burned in. Suggested time to burn in caps is around 300 hour or more. I am very happy with my home rig. Only letting go as I have a fully balanced rig. This is an awesome device for a home unbalanced setup Condition : 8/10 Warranty : Nil Description of Item : BLACK RWA IMOD 240GB -Non-rockboxed. But i can help install if needed -Sides have a few nicks but are cosmetic (I will try to post pics if requested). -Have been covered with GELA SKIN Condition : 7/10 Warranty : IMOD repair service (parts not included) is lifetime. http://redwineaudio.com/products/imod Preferred Location : Bradell MRT or City Hall MRT stations Preferred Mode of Contact : PM me offer Contact Detail : PM
  6. Wow, didn't realize that the S...e.....X ehem STAX boyz covered SG quite nicely. =p @Kingston be prepared to be poisoned.
  7. jojo_b2

    Vinyl camp

    @Kidult Nice SPIN and SUCK gadget you got there. Looks fierce too.
  8. KDS and Eardoc seems to be the tempest after Kidult. I'm also on their list of next victims too. Nice Cover!!! I recommend this artist for RnB folks. The tunes are catchy and fresh IMO. Its now part of my favorite playlist. Jason Derulo Jay Sean
  9. jojo_b2

    Vinyl camp

    Yup, but bot Jig and Kidult are Darth Lords on Vinyl right now.
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