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  1. I think there is already a promo with the 'buy w3000anv and get an AT stand thrown in'? Maybe a further CNY promo? No complaints here...!
  2. Thank you very much for your insight with regards to the W3000anv vs the other headphones. Glad to hear that the new w3000s are a step up from some of the other earlier AT 'off-sounding' offerings! That's why it is tough to just have a set of cans for every genre of music...
  3. So was it good compared to the earlier woody releases? If you have the HD800, HE6, HE500 or the LCD2, I would be most interested to know how the W300anv stacks up against them...no chance to try yet...
  4. Yup, bought from them direct when I could not find any from Adelphi carrying the amp when first released. You can try calling at 62876020 to enquire or email them at enquiry@peak-fusion.com.sg. The previous M902 had quite a big following even locally, but I think currently not many getting the M903 (though I think I remember them saying that the first batch at Peak Fusion was fully allocated); could be due to price, other choices or just that it is still new in the market. Cost me just under $2.7k with the remote control then. Might be more now due to the exchange rates.
  5. Peak Fusion carries Grace Design stuff. Not sure if they have any demo units or not though...
  6. Description of Item : 10ft HD800/HE-series Double Helix Clone Premium headphone cables (comes with zip-lock bag) Condition : Mint. Considered brand new except for break-in period (max 40-50hrs as occ copper cables break-in quite easily) Warranty : None, but guaranteed perfect working condition. If manufacturer fault, DHC will rectify (shipping charges will apply) Selling price : HD800: $539, HE series: $499 (Non neg, around $200 cheaper than bought direct) Preferred Location : Meetup to be arranged Preferred Mode of Contact : SMS Contact Detail : 9-7-4-2-7-1-5-1 Own a HD800/HE-series headphones? You're not hearing this headphones at its best with the stock cable. Double Helix Cables produces some of the best replacement cables for many headphones. From their website (http://doublehelixcables.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=12): 'This Clone Premium cable is a more streamlined version of our flagship "Complement" cable, with a simplified shielding and dampening scheme to provide the principle advantage of the "Complement" - physical and electromagnetic isolation of left and right channels for more accurate soundstage and tonal balance. The "Clone" consists two separate cables for left and right, made from pairs of our "Nucleotide" custom finely-stranded OCC copper wire encased in low-absorption dielectric, dampened with pure cotton and shielded with copper braid before being finished with sleek, nonmicrophonic black multifilament nylon. This design decouples left and right channels and removes the contaminating effect of vibrations and stray interference. The result is improved soundstaging and low-level detail while retaining the best sonic features of our Molecule headphone cable.' See the above weblink for the exact photos of the cables (eg 2nd photo in the URL). Selling 3 (1x HD800, 1x LCD2 (sold) and 1x HE-series) brand new 10ft Clone Premium cable with DHC's own custom 1/4" plug and with Viablue Aluminium Splitter option. Beautiful, nicely constructed, soft and reasonably flexible. Reason for selling: These 3 cables are my extras meant for a 2nd head-fi system, but due to work, the system and cables were not utilised in the end. DHC cables are the bomb, they really make your headphones shine...even after selling these extras, I'm still using DHC cables, and have no intention to switch brands at all because they are really good. HD800 version: $539, HE-series version: $499. Prices are around $200 cheaper than when bought direct, so they are non negotiable. Please sms to 9-7-4-2-7-1-5-1 if interested to deal.
  7. askl2000


    Thanks for the info! At its kind of pricing, I think few except the well-heeled will be 'rushing' out to buy them...
  8. Fully agree with this...that's mainly the reason why I go for other brands other than CA as well. If want to buy CA, might be better off with a good cond preowned set. Pay a lot less, lose less imho.
  9. askl2000


    Anybody knows if MBD will be bringing in the SR-009? That is a pair of headphones I would really like to try out given all the buzz around it...
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