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  1. Trying to conotrol the urge to try new phones. May end up wanting to buy new ones. So spending more time and resources on getting and listening new CD instead.
  2. Just got my LCD-3 recently. Driving it with Woo WA6SE. Pardon my ignorance and lack of "technical" explanation. The music from the LCD-3 is very intimate, just like the singers and band are performing in-front of you. The bass is tight, powerful and can extend very low. For those who love rock, I am pleasently surprised that the phones are able to reproduce performances from Bon Jovi without breaking a sweat. Just to add that David's service was impeccable.
  3. Ops. Misunderstood your question. The headphone amp cannot be use to drive speakers. The pre-amp is used to amplify the signal from the source before sending it to the power amp. ie, integrated amp = pre-amp + power amp.
  4. You may wish to try the MF XCANS v8p. It has a DAC inbuilt for direct USB connection. It is a hybrid amp, thus giving the smoothness of tubes and power of solid state in one offering. Loving it with my GS1000.
  5. Thanks to kds5000, I have upgraded to the GS1000 yesterday. Still wondering why my wife didn't notice the shiny metallic DT990 has transformed into the wooden beauty. Maybe she has given up. Fingers crossed. Don't know how to explain. Maybe will tell her the cans are vintage so not expensive.
  6. Hi, Yet another stupid question from me Can I use a normal RCA cable as a digital coax? Seems like the digital coax connectors are similar to the RCA connectors. Any impedence difference concerns? I have a few VDH RCA sitting around after my wife decommissioned my full setup a few years back. BTW, thanks to all for your recommendations previously, I am now happily listening to my rig Stello CDT100 - Stello DA100S - MF XCAN v8P - DT990 I can really hear detail that was not present previously in iPod - iQube - ATHESW10. The sound stage is so.... Ops, my wife is trying hard not to notice the slow increase in "headphone equipment" in the reading room. I promise her no more full floor standing speakers. Cheers
  7. Hi, I have shopped around in Aldephi and cant seem to find a I2S cable for connecting my Stello CDT100 to the DA100. Any recommendation where can I get one? BTW, may I know where can I buy wall generic mounting brackets for my Denon S301 speakers (end of life product so the dealer no longer carries the brackets) Thanks
  8. Thanks to all for your valuable inputs. I auditioned some of the above kits this afternoon and settled on the Stello CDT100 + DA100 S. Cant wait to get home to try them out.
  9. After much research, I am down to 2 options 1. Wadia i170 + Stello DA100 DAC. CD ripped using iTunes via Apple Loseless. 2. Cambridge 840c CDP May I know which will be a better option in terms of SQ?
  10. May I know whether is it possible to connect an iPod to a USB DAC? I have tried that using a USB cable and it doesnt work. Please dont laugh if the question is too stupid.
  11. Found the problem.. Apparently, iTunes by default turns the equalizer on. Just by turning off the equalizer, the distortion goes away. The music is now the same as from Windows. The equaliser can be found in View -> Show Equaliser. Ensure the check box is off. Please dont laugh at me Must learn about digital audio from you guys. I still belong to the LP and CD generation In other words, I am from the "You mean the drawer in the CDP is not a cup holder!"
  12. Notice that the sound is totally different if I play the CD through Windows Media Player with NO distortion at all. I have double checked iTunes and there is no special setting (I am using iTunes 10.x). For once, Windows is performing better than Apple (no flames please) Under Vista, I have set USB Audio DAC to be default, sampling at 16 bits 44.1kHz (CD quality). There must be something running and messing between iTunes to USD Audio out. Stupid me. Pulling my hair out. Looks like I belong to the CDP generation, just drop in a CD and play
  13. Got a decent (within my budget) setup of headphone AMP (with DAC) and DT990 headphones. Before I get a CDP (the hunt is still on), I am using my PC as the CD transport. However, with the "better" system plug in, I find distortion when I play the music from iTunes (rip using AIFF). Even if I play the CD directly from iTunes, the distortion is still there. Using PC USD out. However, when I play the CD via my DVD player + headphone AMP & DT990, no distortion was observed. Did I setup the PC & iTune wrongly? Thanks
  14. May I know where should I go to to audition "Astin Trew" CDP?
  15. Went to audition some of the above mentioned full headphones this afternoon. Was impressed by the DT990 and bought it The main thing I like about the DT880 is that I can still enjoy bass even at low volume. Happy man now The hunt is still not over for the CDP
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