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  1. Item: German Maestro GMP 450 Pro (Closed Headphone) Age: slightly over 1 year Colour: Black and silver Accessories: Original packaging (a 3.5mm adaptor) with a information sheet. Things to Note:No more box. Conditon: 9.5 Almost new as I don't use often. Kept in pouch all time. Asking: $300 (nego) GermanMAESTRO - Powered by MAESTRO Badenia http://www.headfonia.com/trio-german-maestros-gmp-400-435s-450pro/ http://www.head-fi.org/t/561179/german-maestro-gmp-400-gmp-450-and-gmp-8-35d-summary-review http://forums.vr-zone.com/audiophiles-htpc-corner/1188862-germanmaestro-serious-about-sound.html Images here For enquiries, please Email me @ n3w_typ3@hotmail.com or PM me. Thank you for viewing.
  2. Hi, Thanks I still trying to narrow down the issues but a little busy with work so... I update here when I have the chance to try out.
  3. Hi Guys, I really don't know how to resolve this matter. Recently I got myself a A2 and I am using back my old Zero DAC (the one only have optical or coaxial in). When I start using it my speaker sometimes will produce the ZZZINNNGGG sound. It is quite irritating so I need some experts insight to help resolve this matter. Current I'm directly using the Optical Out from my PC MOBO. Thank you in Advance.
  4. Just join in the fun. Happy CNY to all. in SGheadphones.
  5. N3w_Typ3

    Apple ipod

    O.o when apple converts... it creates a new file in Itunes folder... So is like you have 2 same music files in different format... Might as well can invest on a extra HDD lolz so can backup. Regards
  6. N3w_Typ3

    Apple ipod

    Hi, there are a lot of other players around. you can also try Zune HD (which is releasing soon) In general IPod series (Current versions) can only be sync with ITunes 8 due to security implementations. There are some apps that might be able to import or convert like FLUKE http://www.jcxp.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=30466 You can heel Mark's advise... is good.
  7. yup give Zero DAC a try if you want something more affordable. Heady have wrote a review on it. you should take sometime to read it up. I am using it with some Ops amp upgrade and using a USB module optical line out. I think brand new cost around 200 ++, this DAC has quite a few upgrade option.
  8. O.o dear... I missed it out. How are you? Dear friend. Do take care. Happy Birthday!
  9. My bad. is E-mu 0404. Ya creative replied me that 0202 is out of life service. so no more in production. by the way Eawtan how much did yours cost ? the last time.
  10. --> Eawtan Haha I was about to ask you the price. Ya I know can purchase from creative but they seems to have a replacement model for it as well or maybe a more advance version. I think is 4040. In any case Many thanks for your input.
  11. Dear all. It's been a long time since I am out of this sound world but recently I am thinking of getting a USB sound card to replace my notebook in built sound card. thing is simple. I want to improve the sound quality and also due to my in built sound card has started to hiss at high pitch after half an hour on the vocals. At this stage I have not really be able to determine the problem lies with my notebook but well. I'm thinking of improving the sound quality for quite some time and I was searching all over the net for USB sound card and only 2 brands is brought to my attention. I've tried to search on this forum but the result has nothing I want. So can you guys help me along with it? Can you intro and guide me to this PC audio sound world? There are the brands I managed to source from the net. http://sg.creative.com/products/product_Cr...t=17751&listby= http://sg.creative.com/products/product_Cr...uct=17872&nav=3 http://www.everythingusb.com/asus_xonar_u1...card_13710.html Thanks
  12. Hi, As the title mentions... I selling both items... Porta Corda MK I I got this tiny equipment around 3 to 4 years back. It's in white.. A little yellowish due to white colour natural of turning yellow. Because I don't dare to use any cleaner on it. It was the original Porta amp from Meier Audio. The caps was change for some better ones. Come with the mode for cross feed and normal... Comes with a power AC for home listening. Beyer DT 150. Sold to a nicer user!! Enjoy Both at up for offers. but lame or childlish offers please don't expect me to reply! can contact me at 90115966 Raymond here! Thanks and wish you all CNY 200(fai)
  13. I store them back in the original box... unless you lost the box... get some air tight box ( like lock & lock) ) to store them.... I would out some silica gel inside lor....
  14. Hi Guys and Gals, So sorry for posting it here but I not too sure where this topic should go to. I'm looking for decent tall speaker stand... not those designed for bookshelves type. Simple and reasonable price for me!!! around below $50 would be glad! If you any lobang please do let me know! Thanks alot for your help! Anyway is meant my 2.1 speaker setup ... Happy new year...
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