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  1. kuryakin

    Music = Trance/Eurodance/Techno

    IMO Audio Technica M50 may suit your genres. Slightly above your budget only.
  2. kuryakin

    Vinyl camp

    Wow, yours is one super-souped up version now! But is there a lot of DIY work involved, esp for the bearing?
  3. kuryakin

    Vinyl camp

    Can I confirm who carries Rega & Pro-ject in SG? I searched: Rega - Asia Sound @ Adelphi Pro-ject - House of Turntables somewhere in AMK (I thought its available in Norman Audio @ Adelphi?) I believe these 2 brands are the usual suspects for entry-level TTs? Thanks.
  4. kuryakin

    Sennheiser HD25-II or Shure SRH840?

    BTW the HD25-1 ii is available in SG?
  5. kuryakin

    Recommend me a set of headphones?

    How about a Sony MDR-V7506? Its way below your budget, for DJ/monitoring use, foldable, closed, rugged.
  6. kuryakin

    Fake porta pros from China... =X

    if you do a search on ebay, the prices are around S$30 with free shipping from China & HK. likely fakes.
  7. kuryakin

    How to post CDs in the mail?

    Hi I'm thinking of selling some used CDs locally. If I am to post it, what type of packaging should I use & where can I obtain them? Singpost? Should it be those cardboard type that can fit exactly 1 CD (or any other number)? Because I think those normal envelopes (with bubble wrap on the inside) is still not crack proof enough. Thks
  8. kuryakin

    Vinyl camp

    Kachui BTW What record clamp are you using on the technics? Thanks.
  9. kuryakin

    Tips for W3

    I am using W3 but had been fiddling with the various tips provided in the box. Even bought Shure Olives to try. I mainly use the provided dark grey tips (med) & Olives (small) due to better fit. Tried the grey Complys too. Somehow, when using any of the above tips, I tend to always re-adjust them while listening - to make a better seal (when I tilt my head up, sometimes the seal gets broken). Therefore I am considering whether the UM56 tips will solve this - comfort & seal. And whether it can last.
  10. kuryakin

    Can Slam 2009 pictures & impressions

    Wow, excellent variety of photos! Very delicious, and I'm not referring to the food! Look forward to more reviews from the meet. Thanks.
  11. kuryakin

    WTS : Sony MDR CD900ST (SOLD)

    BUMP. Its looking for a new owner!
  12. kuryakin

    Pics: Show Off Your Home Rigs

    Very interesting. Manufacturers all going towards hi-end now. With Senn, Ultrasone & now Beyer. I got a spot spot for Beyer. Go Team Beyer!
  13. kuryakin

    WTS : Sony MDR CD900ST (SOLD)

    It was bought from authorised distributor in Japan with receipt. Not sure about international warranty though. But brand new. Best price secures.
  14. kuryakin

    WTS : Sony MDR CD900ST (SOLD)

    Still avail. Price is neg.
  15. FYI XCANv8p uses a pair of E88CC (6922) dual triode tubes.