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  1. Saw some info on the Philips' SHE9850 IEM on engadget and they look interesting.. although I wonder how good it will sound since it's positioning itself for comfort and seal for the user to "feel the music", as far as the campaign go.. Let see how this will go..
  2. The 81DJ synergise better with the ldm. The pa2v2, imo, gives the 81dJ too much bass and doesn't have as much imaging. The details is slightly better on the pa2v2. The ldm+ on the other hand, has a more breathable sound and it opens up the bassy nature of the 81.
  3. viix

    Headphone Stands

    Such Bracelet Display/Holder Stand can be found at Chinatown area, especially people's park and places that sell textile. But the problem with these are that they are light weight, and do not hold up cans on one of it's side well. Using it for my watches and the wife's jewellery though
  4. I wear cans on my spiked hair and it doesn't flatten out my hair when I remove the cans. It's how you style plus placement of cans. But mine is a short hair though.
  5. Correct. Akg 81's aren't superior to the MS1 either, but when you are using it as portables during your transit, that the AKG wins hands down for isolation and listenability at noisy places for under $120.
  6. Honestly for 40 sing dollars, I don't see why the sennheiser clamp can be worse than this 1kg metal stand. The finish looks poor, and it isn't worth shipping 1kg for a piece of steel. Just my 2 cents.
  7. try electrades at adelphi or MBD
  8. To add on a minor point between the pa2 and ldm+, I found the built quality of the pa2 to be better. I had connection problems with the jacks on the LDM+. It came loose after a few use and the volume pot can be quite difficult to turn. Sound wise, pa2 has a warmer, very slight mid bass hump. But LDM has a better soundstage and a pretty obvious hiss.
  9. If I am not mistaken, JPop has alot of psychedelic eurobeat syth in it that can be fast and overly bright. The k81 is suitable for this genre of music. Do not go for too bright a can. But the 81s is a little on the bass heavy side.
  10. Best to contact gary at electric-avenues.com, his pa2v2 site. He is a nice friendly chap to deal with so you can direct questions to him and he will gladly reply promptly. He even entertain request for change of parts or even upgrade. His service is second to none! I'm afraid other than waiting in classifieds, you'll have to get direct from his webby. Be careful ebay has other sellers selling pa2 more expensively so make sure it is Gary. All the amps come with a serial number on the site, so it is very easy to trace an amps' owner thru his pa2 site.
  11. The cerabase are a few hundred a set of 4 and can cost up to a grand just for speakers. Check with MBD for latest prices. The soundcare superspikes are cheaper, from $80(or 90) onwards from musiclink for 4 speaker feets. Soundcare On the otherhand, you can use threaded spikes (cheaper options) available in most adelphi shops for under $60.
  12. the normal way is to drop your mp3s into itunes and sync with the ipod when connected. If it is in other formats, wma/ogg/flac, reconversion is necessary. Like I said in my previous post, PSPs have this great "3D" reverberation effect on the music. Great for the supplied buds and casual listening I guess. But overly done just like those PC soundcard DSP that gives "3D sound" effects.
  13. okay, seems like you are looking for using the pumice with the bearings as feets? I saw plenty of pumices at larger guardians and watsons. Citylink Mall Guardian, Bishan Guardian and Takashimaya Watsons has alot. Sizes are about the size of those thick tissue packs, not those 25cent coffee shop kind. Are those what you are looking for? Anyway I'm using soundcare superspikes for my speakers and XS. I can't discern any difference from the soundcare feet on my XS, although I noticed a little improvement when changing to a suspended rack with the feets still on.
  14. PSPs are terrible sources for music listening, but you may be mislead into thinking how great they sound on first attemp. I heard my first PSP in the army watching an MTV and thought they were great (because I was bored dead spotting enemy in a trench during an exercise) They have this great "3D" reverberation effect on the music that sounded compressed and unnatural when I began listening to it critically, but for movies and games, they are great! $230 is a little too much to spend on an IEM for PSP usage. Any good and decently cheap canel phone will suffice, and you might be better of with a Can for your computer. But you should know better. Decide based on your usage.
  15. Selling cans at far east and heeren will only generate plenty of window shoppers. Cans are not in that same category as FMCG/fashion products in those stores and it would be better to have them located at Plaza Singapura or forum shopping mall. Franchising a mini corner/collection point at those location for Jaben/Stereo might be a better idea.
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