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the official "Post your setup thread"

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Current main setup -
Source: Marantz CD-80 -> Coaxial cable: IXOS -> DAC: Theta Cobalt 307 -> I/C: DNM Reson (with Eichmann Bullet RCAs / Van Den Hul D102 MkIII Hybrid -> Headphone amp: Cayin Spark Audio HA-1A -> Headphones: Grado RS-1 / Sennheiser HD600 with Clou Red cable.

Panoramic view of my (uncompleted) new listening/computer room: (as of end 2003 - it has cluttered up significantly to date!)
user posted image

Bed/travel/portable rigs -
Source: Sony D777/30GB iPod Video/Xin Modified Sony SRF-S84 -> Koss KSC35/55/75/Porta Pro & Etymotic ER-4S.

Other gear:
Source - Nakamichi Cassette Deck 2 & Sony SRF-40W Pocket radios
Speakers - Acoustic Energy AE100 & Castle Trents
Misc. - portable Kurt META42 DIY h/amp, various DIY mini to mini cables & tubes for Cayin amp.

Future upgrades:
High end source (?) / power amps to drive my AE100 or possibly with high efficiency speakers.

Previously owned:
Headphones - AKG K1000, Audio Technica ATH W100 / ATH-EW9 (Woodie clipons), Beyerdynamic DT150 / DT250 / DT770pro (all 250 ohm versions), Grado SR80, Sennheiser HD565 Ovation / MX400 / PX200, Shure E5C, Sony MDR-3000 / 7506 / Eggos,
Headphone amp - Headroom Airhead/Total Airhead, JMT CHA47, JMT META42 (later maxed out by KurtW), Custom Tangent MINT META, Meier-Audio Porta Corda II, Xin SuperMicro & SuperDual.
Source - Linn LP12/Akito arm/K9 cartridge.
Amp - Naim Nait 2 integrated amp

Misc. old photos Edited by N@Z

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My portable rig (minus the etys.gif)

Still waiting for the N91 so my portable gear has grown... as usual not enough sources to go with the headphones. Edited by N@Z

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My humble portable setup:

Source : Sony D515, D465 , Sony D50 or Pana SL570
Amp: CHA47
Headphones: Senn 497
(Just sold my ATH W100...Cant do justice to it in my system)

Preferred Home Setup:

Source: Garrard 401 with SME3009 arm (new source) Thorens TD160 with TP16 arm and clearaudio aurum alpha cart
Amp: Luxman Integrated L45A
Spks : Maggies 0.5
Background listening: NAD 521 cdp laugh.gif Edited by gryphon1972

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You're right there gryphon1972, ever since I seriously got into headphones my current speaker based system sounds lacking in detail & separation:
same CD source & DAC->Naim Nait 2->Castle Trent speakers with Naim cables/Acoustic Energy AE100 with biwired QED Qudos cables.

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what luck to have chanced upon this site - this will now be the third headphone dedicated site that i will be visiting in addition to head-fi and headwize. here's me humble rigs:

desktop set up - at pc table:
panasonic ct570 pcdp
diy cmoy/linkwitz crossfeed
musical fidelity x-10d
musical fidelity x-cans v.1
grado sr 80s
homebrew interconnects all the way using belden 89259 and canare plugs

bed set up: panasonic ct570 pcdp and koss ksc 35 phones.

on the move set up - same ole panasonic ct570 and sennheiser mx500 earbuds

main set up - allied to a diy el34 pp tube intergrated amp and spendor s3/5 speakers

cal delta cd transport
monarchy dip
msb link II with upsampling
cmoy/linkwitz crossfeed (thru a diy switchbox, that allows switching between headphone amp and main amp)
diy morgan jones otl tube headphone amp
musical fidelity x-cans v.2
sennheiser 600
homebrew interconnects all the way using belden wires and canare plugs.

ciao![U][B] Edited by yekim

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hi ablaze, cant say much about klotz im afraid as i havent tried them out - im quite happy with the beldens so i dont think id want to change - that said, ive heard pretty good things about klotz - arent these the cables that rega is using? shilelding is copper braid.

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Hi all,
I am new to head-fi.
Here are my current humble setups:

source: sony PCDP D-T405
amp: a SRS processor + headphone amp called BIT88
phone: HD590

source: sony PCDP D-EJ1000
amp: Porta Corda MKII
phone: ATH-M40fs/HD212pro/MDR-E888/EX70

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