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Advice please: Need to replace the tubes for my amp?

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Need some advice here.


I've got a pair of AKG K702s hooked up to my Xiang Sheng 708B amp.


I've noticed of late that when I play really bassy tracks, I hear a buzz from my headphones. I suspect it's my Xiang Sheng, because when I use another pair of earphones to test for the buzzing, I hear it too.


Could this be due to faulty tubes - or worse, a problem with the entire circuitry?


And if it is, where can I bring my amp to have it fixed? I'm a complete noob at this, I can't handle a soldering gun.



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im not sure whats wrong but there is a shop in sim lim tower u could turn to

top floor near the escalator

looks abit run down but u could ask him first

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