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King of Pop....Michael Jackson is dead

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Hello Lazy boy

its cardiac arrest.


most healthy people just do not go into cardiac arrest.. **the thing that caused his cardiac arrest is what would be the reason for his death**


the real reason for his death is still unknown because they are doing tests on him.. the results of the tests would take a few weeks. yes it is slow. it is not like CSI where it takes a few hours to get results of testing. it takes a few weeks.


so we wont know the real reason for his death till a few more months

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They called Michael the King of Pop, but I think he was more than the king - he was pop music personified, the most influential person in pop music I can think of for the past 25 years.


I remember a couple of years ago when another pop icon died, and the media referred to that person mainly as the King of Soul. But he too was far more than that informal title suggested. Many people I grew up with in the 1960's referred to his album Live At The Apollo as the greatest album ever recorded, then and for years afterward. RIP Michael and James Brown.

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He's been dead for a while now. According to the doctor who attempted to revived him: he died twice.


www.sgheadphones.net site is quite fun to visit.

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