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  1. jasonhanjk

    toMMo amp

    It's been a long time since I start a thread here. Very long time ago, I always wanted to redesign the basic cmoy into a robust amp with little component count. Today I just had it completed. Initial specification is very promising and now running in this amp. When most people build their Cmoy. The main problem they encounter is fluctuating half voltage. Adding an led will stabilize the voltage. Picture of the board will come soon.
  2. That would be a bit troublesome at the moment.
  3. Hehe. Mine I got it since 2003 when I join this forum. Sigh, my stock cable damage is due to always stuck under the wheel of my chair and I accidently jack it. Now I am sourcing for those plug for the headphone and gonna build a specialize cable with RCA instead of those normal stereo jack. Will build an amp to go with it.
  4. Not sure though. My HD600 cable is already kaput. Buying stock one is around $40+.
  5. Looking at Panasonic SL-CT720 Portable CDP that she own. I just knew.
  6. Happy Birthday!!! お誕生日 おめでとー! Hope I got it correct.
  7. Removed...
  8. I think I saw the Strait Times review it at 4/5 star. 1 star gone due to (1 of the many reason) use of wrong pot. Linear instead of log.
  9. It should be 5. 2 for left and 2 for right. The last one is for the virtual ground.
  10. Happy Birthday. Your new toy is your present?
  11. Happy Birthday. Hope you drop by often...
  12. I vote sgheadphones the best forum I've visit this year!!! )
  13. He he thanks guys. My new toy haven't arrive yet. Intending to get a new PC.
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