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  1. I am leaving Singapore for a prolonged period so I am putting this up for sale again for $850, firm. Valid till Saturday.
  2. http://www.stevehoffman.tv/forums/
  3. I'd recommend that you upgrade your earphones first. For $200, you can get a very decent IEM which provides good SQ out of your zen vision without the need for an amp. Amping a mediocre pair of earphones will not yield significant sonic improvements, and the effect of the IC (at this level of equipment) would be even more subtle. YMMV.
  4. Opt for low gain if the amp is able to drive your headphones to sufficiently loud levels at that setting. Better dynamics and control.
  5. Please note that MO organizer is obliged to provide information as stipulated here: ***Mass Order/Bulk Purchase Rules***
  6. The AKG701 is very demanding in terms of amplification, and probably not the best portable cans.
  7. My sentiments as well, phuque. It's ok to go with lossy - the differences with lossless might be subtle depending on your gear, hearing, external factors, etc. - but encode directly from CD or a lossless format (e.g. WAV, FLAC, apple lossless, etc.). Transcoding is definitely a no-no as it serves no purpose except to increase the file size or to convert to a format compatible with your DAP.
  8. It's the same. These conversions are termed 'transcoding', which inevitably results in data loss when one lossy format is converted to another, even if the file size or purported bitrate increases.
  9. Sounds like a mass order to me. Organiser and participants are advised to read the rules carefully. The organiser is required to provide information on the source/vendor. And thread craps have been deleted.
  10. Yes, I would think so. The encoder assumes it is compressing the source file (it cannot differentiate between a 128kbps file and a WAV file), so in order to do that, it has to discard certain data.
  11. Absolute0

    Buy Amp

    Get Corda amps from Meier Audio directly. They have fast shipping times, and prices listed include international shipping. Dr. Meier is also incredibly helpful, top notch customer service.
  12. While this might not be the best platform to seek redress, I agree with loop that it is in the interest of our members to keep this thread open as long as discussions remain civil.
  13. Nice review, and interesting comments on system matching. As usual, the importance of synergy is reinforced. And you have an amazing (and expensive beyond my dreams) rig!
  14. My personal observation is that since the beginning of the year, with the influx of new members, a lot of posts have been on portable audio and new products, e.g. iems. I guess for the older members, they tend to focus on their home rigs, and because their rigs are more or less "mature" (subject to less upgrades), they aren't as familiar with/interested in the slew of new products on the market. So they don't comment quite as frequently. Other personal commitments/reasons may also come into play. But if you miss them enough, maybe they will reply!
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