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  • Headphones
    Previous: Grado RS-1 Grado HP-1 Grado SR-325 Grado SR-225 Grado SR-125 Grado SR-60 Currently: Beyer DT-880, DT-931, DT-311, Senn HD-530MkII, Senn HD-600
  • Headphone amplifiers
    Previous: Porta Corda Corda PreHead Grado RA-1 Creek OBH11SE Current: Corda HA-1 Corda HA-2
  • Sources
    Copland 289 (sold), Rotel 971, Marantz CD-6000 OSE
  • Other equipment
    EAR 834L & P, CEC ST-930 TT, Luxman SQ38 Signature (sold), Primare L30 (sold)
  • Favourite configuration used
    Rotel RCD 971, Corda Analoguer, Corda HA-2, Grado HP-1 or RS-1
  • Team:
    Good Music

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