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  1. When's the review coming lengcm, or some initial impressions. The tube power supply should be a significant improvement yes?
  2. superia2012 - what if anything does fake gucci have to go with headphones...spam You've been banned.
  3. Try Martin Electronics at Burlington Square. They don't have NOS spares but if you know the size of the drivers and specs you can get them fixed. Another option is to re-cone the divers or the surround - these old speakers then to use foam which did not last very long. I had a pair of old Verit Speakers that I re-coned in the 90s and gave them away because the sound wasn't the same after that. So unless you are okay with that and just want the speakers to work then try it.
  4. With regards to hearing loss. ringing etc - please pay a visit to an ENT Specialist - they will send you for an audio test (a proper audiogram) and will look into your ears and nose with a little camera at the end of a tube and they will take some pictures of it as well. In some cases they will send you for a CT scan of the head. EAR problems may indicate something more severe/sinister. By all means go to a GP first but do realise GPs dont have the proper equipment to do a through job and will usually send you to an ENT specialist anyway.
  5. Rameish


    MBD had a couple of 009 - they were sold even before they could be unboxed - so I and even the owner of MBD havent had the chance to hear them. Right now there are limited supplies (as always). Wait a while and I'm sure they'll have one for demo. It costs a bit more then the 007 II so be forewarned.
  6. Rameish


    Like all headphone manufacturers Stax makes a variety of gear to suit an individual's budget. All I know is the 230 volt version of the amp cost more. Go to stoneaudio.co.uk to get a rough idea of the prices. I'm sure sg prices are less ;-). As to wether the lower end stax are beter than the equivalent dynamic type headphones well you should try it yourself. Music By Design has Grado headphones to compare with. There's nothing more for me to add - go listen and decide based on your budget. Don't gett to caught up in technology and specs : always remember it's the music. Lastly spend what you can afford. If you skimp you'll probably end up selling the cheaper stuff at a loss and going for the more expensive one too soon. If you over indulge then you're putting yourself a hole financially. TA
  7. Rameish


    Most headphones are dynamic with quite a bit of mass to move. Electrostatic headphones have the advantage (in theory) that they have a lot less mass to move. They generally sound cleaner, faster and seem to give the impression of more details as you hear the nuances differently (for example the quiver of a violin string or the skin texture of a drum) This I found true of the Older Stax Omega SR-007 Mk II with the 007t Mk II amp with a CEC CD Player. Have heard this unit off and on over the last several months at Music By Design at Adelphi. Go take a listen. Compared to top flight Senns or Beyers through the likes of Cary SLI-80 or CAD 300 SEI it's a matter of taste. This goes to show you how much the Senn HD-650 or even the 600 need really good amplification to really shine. In the end go and listen for yourself. You're reacing an area/level where it's too expensive to listen to opinions - even mine. :-)
  8. fuwen, suggest you shoot in color reversal film and scan it in. Or shoot in negative and scan it in. Frankly the real love for me is B&W, I remember the days of spending time in a darkroom developing the film and printing the contact print. Then deciding which frame is good enough for enlargement and choose the type of printing paper. I loved fiber based paper but these days any B&W paper will do. heady, like vinyl the film guys are a die hard bunch. You'll be surprised to know that brand new firm cameras are still being sold these days (rangefinder types). Cosina makes Voigtlander, Zeiss while Leica makes the M7 and MP. Far from dead. Kchew - I actually like the shot. The skateboard shot. Pool shot is nice too. Haiz don't stockpile lah. The shot with the guys back has absolutely zero artistic merit whatsoever kekekeke :-)
  9. Where is that shop BTW, TT looks nice. What is it (Brinkmann) with a Benz cart?
  10. Fuwen, why havn't you bought yourself a leica? You're such a film and rangefinder type of guy that I would have thought you would have at least an M3 or M6 by now. Of course if we strike toto then can get the MP ya? I'm still waiting - to strike toto kekeke.
  11. Careful now...we don't wanna step over the thin red line. Anyways nice to see some old hands still banging their heads away kekeke. Senn HD800 wow - i have yet to hear them. Some day soon I hope. On the bright side - my hearing has improved somewhat and can now take normal speakers without ringing. Headphones are still a no no for now... hopefully by the time I redo my heath check in feb everything will be a-ok.
  12. No you posted in the right sub-forum. I don't see why anyone would want to censure this post. I have no idea why echoloft is down btw.
  13. hope the puppy is okay? You can get knobs at the 2nd level Sim Lim Tower. Quite a few shops there have replacement knobs.
  14. sgheadphones primary function was and is to provide a place where people can discuss, seek advice, and post their findings. The Buy/Sell section was introduced and unfortunately quickly became a place where you could buy almost anything from unknowns. This became a problem. There were also some people who would get freebies from manufacturer and then selling these (op-amps) to people here. There was even an instance where a picture of a woman with contact details - I suspect you had to pay for her services. She was/is quite pretty btw if indeed the picture was an accurate rendition of the real person. In order to bring some order to this section of the forum, these new rules were imposed. Personally, I would have preferred not to have a buy/sell section. But who am I to blow against the wind. The IEMs you mentioned do have different sized foam and silicon tips. You can also get custom molds for your wife. The assumption is if you're gonna buy IEMs of the ilk you mentioned, chances are you'll be into this hobby and hence 50 posts shouldn't be a problem. The last thing they we wanted when this forum was set up was for the buy/sell section to dominate everything else. That would kill the joy and hence the forum would go into decline if not shut altogether! The admin and fellow moderators obviously don't want that to happen. Hope that helps to soothe those ruffled feathers. Cheers
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