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  1. Their new ifi idac2 is very ideal budget dac/amp. Slightly warmer sounding compared to my idsd micro.
  2. I think its more like if you like the signature of your UMPRO10, armature driver based IEM like Westone usually sounds better from their dual or triple drivers models so its worth a listen to them.
  3. Yon

    USB DAC?

    Have been reading up from iFi facebook lately, now can even audition in town... heng no need buy blindly online. lol
  4. You should just call and say you want to reserve a set, that always works for me. Even if there was a set when you called doesn't necessary mean it wouldn't be bought by another customer from the time you call and arrive at their shop.
  5. Stereo has Monster earphones to try too.
  6. Nice job Aron, poisoning me with your Naim power cord...
  7. No doubt the best tweak for the money spent.
  8. Just got my ED8 few days back from Aron, have been following the thread at head-fi on this for a few months, when I finally got a chance to try at Stereo, I hoot. The ED8 strikes me of as very neutral headphone from Ultrasone, which is unusual as most of their other headphones are quite colored, like the ED9 and ED7. Comfort level is excellent, better than AT and Beyers anytime. Isolation is excellent too, I had no problem listening to my light music with my wife playing youtube thru the computer speakers. About 3 days of burn-in and they are sounding better... Oh, those who like to know the difference between the ED9 and ED8, here's my take. I have the ED9 and had an ED7. - The ED8 is much much more comfortable - The ED8 isolates better - The ED8 is too transparent and not forgiving to poor recordings - The ED8 is slightly more difficult to drive - The ED8 is more balance sounding (IMHO) - The ED8 is better design for portable with the shorter wire and smaller size design
  9. I'm using the 4030 on the source and JPS on the amp, the yellow sounds good on both sides and I'm thinking of asking Aron to make another set for me to try, I know he is also planning to make a power distributor that he wants me to try over my Tice audio power conditioner, so maybe try everything all at one go.
  10. I really can't say... I like it on classical music a lot, it seems to give the music emotion (maybe I'm a bit exaggerated). The Acrolink is not bad too but don't know why I seem to pay more attention when the yellow snake is connected on.... like there is something extra?
  11. All thanks to this thread I have recently purchase an Acrolink 4030 power cord which I'm quite impressed over my previous JPS superconductor 2, the obvious transparency and detail was hard to miss. However one week after my Acrolink purchase, I am yet again stunned by how much difference powercords can make after listening to Aron's new powercord. But I'm still going to test it further, letting the Acrolink burn in more (maybe another 1 week?) before I'm totally convinced. (I'm a little bias over the Acrolink, and they are using high grade Oyaide plugs! )
  12. Any Sonicaps users out there? What does it do?
  13. You can consider shure se530 an IEM, it refers to "in ear monitors".
  14. Went to audition the HFI780 Aron mod this morning and I must say I'm impressed... especially when the original HFI780 is available for testing too. I know a Sennheiser HD600 with cables like Zu or Cardas can change slightly to the better or the worse, this HFI780 mod changed almost completely, to the better. Normal HFI-780: Treble: Too much energy, harsh and bright. Make music sound thin at times. Mids: Not there or recessed, very very laid-back. Bass: Too much volume, loose and muddy. Soundstage: Narrow but acceptable for a close can HFI-780 Aron Mod: Treble: Just nice for me, clean and clear, could hear the upper end of the treble extending beautifully. Mids: Clear vocal nicely positioned, not too forward. I would have love it if it was a little warmer but I'm just being very picky comparing with the Edition 9. Bass: Nice... Tight and controlled. I could listen to Jazz tracks with lots of double bass and totally get addicted to it. Soundstage: Slightly more open but still not enough to satisfy some of my CDs. Guess I'll hold my Denon thoughts and consider a HFI780 mod.
  15. Tried the crystal cable on my HD600 and HD650 but didn't like it myself. It gives the Senn a very smooth midrange but lacks control in complicated passages, can sound boring after a while. Although they sound good as interconnects in my home setup.
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