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  1. whats your best price for woo audio amp
  2. looking for used one in good condition please PM details thanks
  3. behringer is sold locally as pro-equipment. regional office is here in SG - look it up.
  4. reasonable price? kinda rules out local stores if you asked me.
  5. The Marantz KI SACD player (not lite) has an excellent headphone out section...can drive some cans like the d7000 with aplomb.
  6. the shure 940 is noted for being a very neutral headphones if anyone is still interested in looking for one. as a rough indication, think somewhere inbetween akg701/2 and hd800.
  7. ps audio GCHA is also a very good amp... much like the lyr, without the crankiness of the tubes. drives up to 10 watts so can drive akg1000 and speakers. best its a digital amp (like bel canto) and doesn't have the harshness that solid state amps can bring to cans.
  8. Please PM condition and price. Thanks
  9. how much are the schiit asgaard, valhalla and lyr in SG?
  10. first time? buy used and go through a few. try headphones and iems for a change.
  11. same here kept the HD650 and K701 and K1000 but sold off the W5000. the W5000 had beguiling vocals but soundstage was a little to "tight" for me. its more about personal preference, I can see the W5000 hitting the sweet spot for those especially into female vocals. all these were amped by the GCHA, Singlepower MPX3 and at one time RS Raptor.
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