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  1. Well Done!!!! Thanks for the MO.
  2. Please put me in for a PK3... Thanks.
  3. Please recommend some cables that does not tangle itself... Thanks.
  4. Hi, That makes two, cause I am interested in recabling my d2000 as well. More info, please... Thanks.
  5. Hi , Nice setup Nice band to boot, mind sharing with us where do you get that? Thanks.
  6. Curious minds wants to know too. Thanks.
  7. It seems that the sever is down.
  8. Thanks Ezzo, Thanks for the update. Yeah, I may not want to bring out the D2000. Too bulky...
  9. At that kind of pricetag, it better be that good...Enjoy!
  10. Anyone who has either, please share their thoughts...
  11. dridiot

    Pk1 and pk2

    Well, then again, it might be due to the lack of burn in that makes it sound differently. Will try it out someday. Thanks.
  12. Hi all, I am pretty interested in this set of headphones, does anyone has them or tried it before? Please share with us your comments on all aspects of the headphones, good or bad? Thanks In Advance.
  13. dridiot

    Pk1 and pk2

    Tried it new and wasn't very impressed with them. But that's before any burn in. Might be different after burning in, i dun know...
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