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  1. It should be cos of this - the receiver is using a cheapo volume potentiometer. Replace that with a quality stepped attenuator from goldpoint/dact/tkd and you should be fine. Wah which SLT shop is this? Must ban man
  2. To be honest i don't see the point, since my equipment is probably totally different from yours so you won't get a true idea of how it'll sound in your setup. Unless you wanna bring your cans/amp/speakers to my place then that's fine. PM me with ur msn or something to discuss ^^
  3. AFAIK, no one in SG, or at least they don't post in forums hah. There are a few guys with dac19s. My mini MO should be arriving soon. DAC19s and a ref 5. No ref 1, though.
  4. I think the styleaudio peridot retails for 300+ in audiotrio, bukit timah. You can check it out there. I'm not sure if they still sell it, though.
  5. dora-motor: What's your budget? The udac is nothing special, average at best. For the price, it's okay. Don't buy into the hype. In that price range, i would get the styleaudio ud1 over that. Problem with the udac is the el cheapo potentiometer used inside (no surprise there), but quite a startling amount of people are getting channel imbalance at low volumes (check out headfi), so that's something you might want to take note of. In case someone says, "but i dont have any channel imbalance", either the udac vol knob is turned way up, or u just got damn lucky with a solid potentiometer Btw, portable amps that have a dac section will never beat proper stand-alone dacs
  6. Anyone interested to get their stuff? I'm asking around to see the interest first before i email them and ask how much discount we can get. For myself, i'm looking into getting the ref 1 but i'm guessing many people won't want the same thing, so the MO can be a rojak of many items. Even if that's the case, i think we might still be able to get a good discount. Serious buyers only, please
  7. Up for sale is this handsome monitor controller. Looks absolutely fantastic, with build quality to match. Perfect for the guys out there using monitors with a DAC that doesn't have a preamp section. TC Electronic | Level Pilot In great condition, looks as good as new. Only selling cos i've changed my setup. It's around 8 months old at most but i don't have the receipt, so just treat as no warranty. Selling for $120 firm, deal at west mrts preferred (batok, gombak).
  8. It might be strange that i'm putting this up for sale (potentially) after my own glowing review of it. I'm just thinking of getting their upcoming new fully balanced dac since my rig is balanced. So if i get that, i have to let this go. If no one wants the dac, that's okay too, i'll probably keep it and upgrade another time. I paid a total of USD532 x 1.41 = SGD750. Breakdown goes like this: USD480 (unit price) + USD35.5 (shipping) + 3.2% of unit price and shipping + USD0.3 (PayPal transaction fees). Looking at SGD710 firm. Lowballers not welcome, thanks. DAC is around 2.5 weeks old at most. USB/SPDIF (coax/optical) input. Specially requested for 2 x RCA outputs. http://www.audio-gd.com/enweb/pro/dac/DAC19/DAC19.htm lol, shameless plug of my own review here: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f7/review-au...df-mkiv-477417/ Review of the DAC19mk3, the model before the DAC19 DF which improves upon the DAC19mk3 http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f7/review-au...c-19mk3-435669/ Some design features include zero feedback circuits, 100% discrete components (no op-amps), r2r ladder design using 2 x PCM1704UK dac chips, robust separated L/R power section. Reason why not many of such r2r ladder DACs around is simple - it's expensive and difficult to build. One PCM1704UK chip easily costs USD10+; a PCM1793 sigma-delta chip costs less than USD5. More info on r2r vs sigma-delta here: Mother of Tone - Conversion Techniques Don't take it from me, google to find out more. Some interesting trivial: the Lavry DA10/11 is sigma-delta, but their flagship Lavry Gold DA924 is r2r ladder. Same case with Esoteric's DACs, 'entry-level' models are sigma-delta, flagship model is 8xPCM1704uk. You'll find many other examples too.
  9. the lower end shures are definitely not worth it for the price. <200, definitely go for um1
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