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  1. blackmouth0

    Little Bot Tube Amp

    which model you looking for?
  2. blackmouth0

    Custom Cables for UE10

    actually my concern about trying to make one is with the connector to the earphone. Cant seems to find it anywhere until you shown the link!
  3. blackmouth0

    Custom Cables for UE10

    care to share how to make? Interested with it
  4. guess not in Singapore yet? Cause the straight one just release ma.
  5. blackmouth0

    DIY headphones

    will it be hard to drive?
  6. blackmouth0

    Fake ATH-ESW 9?

    the colours on the headhone looks too bright and seems very fake. come across a fake one that my friend bought out of curiosity, the most distinct different we notice is the feel of the headphone cup. Real one is smooth but fake one is rough.
  7. blackmouth0

    Advice for noob

    maybe you might want to consider the creative ep-630? look good to fit in your criteria. The bass in 630 is tight and punchy and don't sound that muddy as well.
  8. blackmouth0

    What to get for S$40< ?

    hmmm, if you intro the ear pump, might as well take the earpump pro? Cost about 10 bucks more. If not another one you can try is astello, not bad for it price ah.
  9. blackmouth0

    IEM cords?

    hi, welcome to the hobby! ehhh, for cable wise, you might want to consider es2 cable from westone? Very flexible and easy to use with. If not Null cable can be a good alternative as well.
  10. blackmouth0

    Where to buy in SG? (Denon, AKG, Shure)

    they have the sennheiser hd555, audio technica a700 only. you looking for some gaming headset is it?
  11. blackmouth0

    Custom ear piece

    fitear? any local distributor?
  12. blackmouth0

    need some recomendation for my room

    something simple by creative?
  13. Hmmm, well, is true that the sound of a custom sound much better than a universal fit. However, for a custom, you only get the isolation, mean you still get to hear the environmental noise at a little volume level (iirc, it reduce 26db of sound) as compare with a noise cancellation one that cancel out effectively engine noise.
  14. The audio technica ANC 7B is worth your buck. Tried it out when it first launched at a local IT show, as you know, IT show is crowded with people, what surprise me is the ability to cancel out outside noise very efficiently and it did not lose the sound quality to compromise the cancellation.