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Syringing of ears?

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I hated the fact that some years ago, after some swimming, I lost significant volume sensitivity in the right ear.


So a few days ago I tried to visit a doctor (again), he recommended syringing, but said that the wax looks too hard and would need eardrops for a few days.


Today, I went for the syringing at his stipulated timing, and the feel of water gushing (I was sort of expecting lower-velocity streams, not squirts!) in the ear was uncomfortable at best.


When I saw the 1cm+ cakes of black-brown wax come out of my ear...what in the world. How many years had it been there?


And all of a certain I was getting a lot more volume feedback - and a lot more sensitivity to treble on the right ear.


With good comes bad. Here's why:


1)I used to think Jurong Point was noisy. After my right ear cleared up, the background noise and everyone's talking and such was crazily loud. Maybe I should avoid walking in crowded shopping centres next time.


2)Vocals and centralised sounds in music used to be more biased towards the left. Now it's twice as biased to the right...maybe I exposed my left ear to a little too much music or loudness.


My live feels a little more like a superbly-mastered recording now. Even something like my keyboard typing sounds more...crisp?

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With regards to hearing loss. ringing etc - please pay a visit to an ENT Specialist - they will send you for an audio test (a proper audiogram) and will look into your ears and nose with a little camera at the end of a tube and they will take some pictures of it as well. In some cases they will send you for a CT scan of the head. EAR problems may indicate something more severe/sinister. By all means go to a GP first but do realise GPs dont have the proper equipment to do a through job and will usually send you to an ENT specialist anyway.

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just to share my experience of ear syringing.


I had to do one, b'cz the audiologist refused to do my impression due to a ear war infection.


The process is not as bad as you think. Get some ear wax softener from the phamacy, sometimes ear wax will just disintegrate and fall off on its own.


In the event it dosen't well as least u soften it and make the doctor's job easier. Basically he uses a huge syringe and jets warm water into your ears. I din't feel any pain, just a sensation as though you are in the pool. After which all the disgusting wax will come flowing out....


Damage = +/- $20 per ear. depending on which GP you go. Can cost as much as $60 if your GP is the boutique kind.


Hoe this helps.

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i understand the ear is designed in such a way that it will dislodge the wax bit by bit as the skin grows outwards...?


too clear can be a handicap too...


1)Well, frequent IEM use causes earwax to build up more quickly - especially if your genes are for solid earwax. I heard most people have liquid earwax (dominant trait), which clears more easily and less prone to blockages. Mine is solid so meh


2)Audiologists normally refuse to make custom ear impressions (if you're making custom IEMs like Unique Melody, JH, etc.) if there is ear wax blocking the ear canal.


After my second visit to the same GP for ear syringing, he decided to just sell me a ear syringe that uses salt water to clear blockages...lol

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