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  1. Thanks fellers. Been a while since I logged back into SGH. Busy with new post. Maybe it's time to do some clearing out & look into a new pair of headphones .
  2. When D4 becomes a reality. Second hand D2X getting cheaper & cheaper after D3 was out.
  3. Because I managed to get GST off. It all cost me under $6K: - 5D body - EF 24-70mm f/2.8 USM - 580EX Mk II I wasn't really switching systems, my intention was to go FF (D3 too expensive) & that the above were all I really need for portraits (& maybe landscapes) since my D70 + 70-200mm VR I use more for the tele end. Will only upgrade the trusty old D70 once it konks out or the D3 becomes cheeep cheeep. Haven't got round to doing a proper shoot, just shots to get me used to the Canon system.
  4. Looks like I've defected to Canon FF... will post some pics when I get round to it. Preliminary test shots looks very promising. Very smooth high ISO.
  5. At one point, then I decided to stay on the Nikon route when I saw the high ISO performance of the D300. When I'll buy is unknown at the moment.
  6. Looks odd, snowing & ppl wearing shorts & t-shirts! Any new D300 owners?
  7. http://www.callpod.com/products/chargepod Anyone know where I can get this (or a similar alternative) in Singapore? Website says epiCenter is the authorized retailer but it doesn't show on their homepage & I don't recall seeing it there either. Looks extremely convenient. I especially like the bundle pack but maybe with slightly different adapter combinations. Worth to get if it wasn't so expensive.
  8. My suggestions for sub $100 (portable) headphones: AKG K26P More contemporary looks Closed design (does not leak out sound) Foldable/collapsible Powerful bass for a small headphone (may be suitable for gaming) KOSS PortaPros Bling retro looks Open design (leaks out sound) More balanced sound than the AKG (IMO) but still pretty punchy Foldable (Ball like shape) Both don't need external amplification (good for portable DAP applications). I prefer the PortaPros in terms of SQ but the K26P has isolation which I find useful when you don't want to disturb people around you (library) or need isolation (public transport). Even cheaper KOSS SportaPro is just as good if you don't mind the open design & plasticky looks (so your kids might not appreciate them as gifts unless they only care for SQ!). Added advantage is the headband can be converted to behind the neck. Correct me if I'm wrong but the drivers on the SportaPro looks like they are very similar to the legendary KOSS KSC-35 clip-ons.
  9. Not to mention seats/chairs since standing the whole period would be taxing for some of us more 'senior' guys! Also, it might be nice to have a separate area for people to have their refreshments. This also enables people to chat in a separate area from the 'listening room'. Based on experience, noises from people talking can be distracting for those trying to listen to the equipment.
  10. N@Z

    Buy Amp

    Xin Products Meier Audio The products & prices are indicated in the respective websites.
  11. Beastie Boys - The Mix up Not the usual BB fare but definitely cool. Nice raw instrumental trio sound.
  12. NOS Sony D25s http://aloaudio.com/store/catalog/index.ph...dddba434359f763 Very tasty, very tempting & very expensive.
  13. Buena Vista Social Club - Rhythms del Mundo A must listen for BVSC fans. Contemporary collaborations with Coldplay, Dido, Kaiser Chiefs, Maroon5, Sting, U2, etc. Excellente.
  14. Any chance of seeing (hearing) this at the upcoming 2007 meet?
  15. N@Z

    Head-Fi forum

    They love thread crapping in the FS forum too.
  16. Mr Tee! The man who listened to headphones at full whack!
  17. iphone maybe I'll wait till the next generation & when there's more storage to replace my ipod. The E51 looks tempting though. Never ending really.
  18. Hey dude, yeah. I haven't updated it yet as I have no issues with mine. At least I don't think it has issues any way.
  19. Many happy returns, good health & prosperity.
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