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  1. ***MOD WARNING*** Post ads here and get a warning from the mods.
  2. PeterYL

    My DIYMod

    yes it is easy as ABC if you bold enough to do the solder , other wise pay some one to do it or sent it to RWA audio taking signal directly to LOD with 47uf filter why would you put a pipe in your nose to breath if you can built them on the dock why constrain yourself to built them inside ,any way building external in future you can build external dock with Different caps
  3. eye candy conTACT ME ***MOD EDIT*** Why don't you PM him? Don't jump on other member's thread please.
  4. Modded with cups stock pad dun suit me
  5. Well it give tighter bass and better mids Much more comfortable than the original cheapo sponge at a token price $10 Audition available for meet up with my RSA Green hornet / I mod see ya
  6. WTB : Alessandro MS1 looking for one kindly call or leave sms if phone off Thanks 97895334 Peter
  7. (Mod edit - no need to quote the seller's post, right? Why waste bandwidth? Thanks.) what is the selling price?
  8. PeterYL


    Can test out first ?
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