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    RS-1, HD600 (with Cardas upgrade), ER-4P, Philips HP-890, Ultrasone HFI-2000, 650 Trackmaster
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    Literature (mainly classics, but includes Elmore Leonard and Nick Hornby)<br>History (I'm currently writing my own; but then again, who isn't?)<br>Philosophy (the best one is to have none)<br>Music (too wide a range to describe)<br>Movies (same as Music)<br>Headphones lah (Wake up, Obviousman!)<br>Inline skating (I collect scars)
  1. UPDATE: The HD 600 + Cardas have been taken. The HFI 2000 is still available. Thanks.
  2. Need the cash, so I'm clearing out my collection: Senn HD 600 + Cardas: In very good condition. Complete with box in very good condition, and original Senn cables absolutely new. Have removed foam covering from drivers which veil the sound. Asking price: $400. Ultrasone HFI 2000: In very good condition. Also removed foam from driver housing. No box. Asking price: $250 Will throw in the Philips HP 890 free (without stand or box) to the first buyer. Like I said, I'm clearing out. Prices are only slightly bargainable, so please be reasonable. Will meet at any MRT between Pasir Ris and City Hall at about 6.30pm on weekdays. Serious buyers pls sms me at 98712965.
  3. Sorry, wrong info ... it's actually 2690 euros. I think maybe the whole of SG Headphones gotta chip in just to buy one .... Ultrasone tells me pics - of the actual thing, not teaser pics - will be posted soon.
  4. I've been informed by my contact at Ultrasone that the edition 7 retails for 2690 euros (shipping not included). You'd have to be to even think about it.
  5. Hey hey, enuff depressing business talk. Back to the edition 7. I'm intrigued, I must say, and have also sent them a mail to ask for more info. I really hope it lives up to the hype (though I'm, worried about the price )
  6. thanks for the info, guys. will check it out.
  7. Thanks fuwen. BTW, which shop?
  8. Thanks, Ablaze. Fantastic moderator work as always. As for the price, well, what can I say? Direct translation from Hokkien: jump-storey-goods, i.e., the kinda dealyou get when the boss of the corporation takes a dive of the top of tall building. Besides, I have never believed in bleeding ppl dry for their interests. My former prices were dictated by Ultrasone.
  9. Fully agreed: weird, i.e., non of the things Hertsens said makes any sense to me. Will look at the PDF later and comment, but based on first impressions, I sure ain't gonna spend my money on this.
  10. Anyone here know the current going price for the NAD C320BEE Integrated Amp?
  11. Dear all, This is just to announce that I have officially relinquished my Ultrasone dealership and that it is now up for grabs. Moderators: Please remove me from the "Audio Dealers" group. Thanks. Also, I still have a small quantity of HFI-650 Trackmasters left that I will be willing to let go at SGD$160, just enough to cover my costs. If you think I'm stiffing you, consider my original selling price and do the math. I hear it's also available at a parallel importer's at Sim Lim SQ going at something like $280 or $290. PM me if you're interested. Thanks. El Scorcho
  12. I'm also pretty skeptical of anything that doesn't sppear on the official Grado website. Apparently, some Head-Fi'ers have indicated that this is an exclusive edition for studio and professional use, and will probably never see general distribution. It seems more exclusive than the Alessandro MS Pro. If it does become available by Grado Labs to the general public, I'm sure it will be on the website. As far the rumor that it's better than the RS-1, I also have my reservations. I've heard both the MS-Pro and RS-1, and frankly, they're just different presentations of what is essentially the same Grado sound. I still favor the RS-1.
  13. Serious Price Updates for Aural Focus Hi all, Just to let everyone know that due to our increasing orders - though strangely none of our orders have been from S'pore - we're now able to get a better deal for the Ultrasone HFI-650 Trackmaster. As usual, we're giving members of SG Headphones priority, so we are currently offering the Ultrasone HFI 650 at SGD$220 to non members, and a flat SGD$200 to members of SG headphones. Please note that this is not a sale; these prices are permanent. For international customers, our price is USD$135 (incl. standard airmail shipping). Group discounts (Singapore purchases only) are welcome. Also, please note that we no longer stock the Philips HP890. Thanks, and as always, happy listening. El Scorcho.
  14. Yep, thanks for the heads-up, ablaze. He pm'ed already, probably after you pointed him in the right direction, i.e., my direction.
  15. Please note that the price for the Ultrasone HFI650 Trackmaster is now back to $270. Sorry fellas, but a man's gotta eat.
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