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  1. nice shots guys... how come tropicalrips has a D3 for testing? i wanna test too! =p
  2. Somebody was using a D300 at the last meet.. sweet but not too much different from the D200
  3. Is it the same diva amp that was at the meet before this that was organized by mackie at AnythingAudio? I remember that diva amp clipping with the K1000 back then. Oh yes!!!... The ATH-ANC7 was a real revelation.... noise canceling cans that actually work and sound great!
  4. woohoo.... pics are up! earmax pro...the little amp that could! sadly... not one amp there could drive the K1000's properly... but just wearing those always makes me smile
  5. Ahahah... caught in the act. Was quite curious of that little tube amp. =p Quite a few shutterbugs around as well =)
  6. Got home and slept... Was tired cuz i work at night. Gotta leave for work so i'll post my impressions tmr maybe. It was good to meet up with new faces and some old ones (no pun intended =p) as well.... I think it was a rather successful meet as it was in a very quiet area and we had lots of unused space!
  7. Sitex has a few places selling stuff like this quite cheap 100 for a 3.5hdd casing that can do divx playback without hdd.
  8. My desktop is not portable and my laptop was lost by a friend unfortunately.
  9. Still need contributions? That lists looks pretty extensive and will probably be our biggest meet so far!
  10. Nope. A better bet would be the DT-150 or the HD25 as iboth are faster sounding cans and are more suited towards electronic music as those u mentioned.
  11. I dont see what the E51 has that the E90 doesnt... Its quite perfect for my usage.
  12. While im quite happy with this phone, im quite tempted to switch over to an iphone or the eten m800... hmmmmm temptations...
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